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Extremely laggy and unplayable no matter what I do. Such a shame, the concept is really cool. I hope you are able to do an update that fixes these issues...looks like I'm not the only one having them. I think even John Wolfe the horror game YouTuber (who probably has the best gaming PC ever) had fps problems.


Hey, thanks for the comment and apologies! I developed this before I understood the concept of coding efficiently for performance. This is merely a concept for a larger game that will be in production soon, I've learnt a lot through this process and will take all I've learnt into account for the next game.
Small updates will be made to this one so hopefully it'll become playable at least! Thank you for your patience :)

I hope it comes out soon!

Nice and promising concept and design. Has nice potential and  really nice moments. Thanks for making it ^-^
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I think I'd love this game if I could play it! No matter what screen resolution and graphics quality I pick on startup, this game runs at about 4fps for me. Is there any way you could release a build with less lag? Because I'd really love to get past the waiting room.

Hi, yes, I'm still working to optimise this a little in my free time (I'm a lone dev now) But ultimately this is a demo to show the potential for the next game ;)

Thanks for the reply! I'm excited to hear about any updates for this, and good luck on your next game!

I'm pretty sure I wasn't supposed to:

A. Get pushed through the wall into the courtyard when I opened a door

B. Go all the way to the edge of the map to see the picture in the background.  Is that Muir Woods?

C. Fall of the edge of the map and get stuck in a lovely panoramic view of Muir Woods for all eternity.

There are worse fates.

You did a great job with this and we had fun :D

Thanks so much.

it won't let me play. it crashes right after the video.

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a scaredy cat plays perfection
interesting game! skip to like 3 minutes in for it to start lol

Farod has made a video ! for this game !

Gave it a go...

I could never get the game to load ): Was really exited to play and it got to the "Perfection in progress" then crashed every time. Any advice?

Maybe you should try it again. I for my part had the same happen just now, BUT I just had to wait 1-2 minutes for it to load and click nothing. And I thought it crashed/freezed, too. Maybe that'll work for you, too :)

so like, we dfuckiun played this... hoeslty???  good game, please watch all of the way trhue/// thanks...

I played the game.... but since it was badly optimised (or not optimised at all) I couldn't play anymore of the game. I did play a bit though and I did find it fun and a bit funny but it was pretty laggy.

I managed to get it to change my courage assessment, but how do I get it to say I don't follow instructions? Or is completing the game an indication that I follow instructions?

My Review and Game play! 

A really intersting game.  We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a shor video we made while playing:

Nobody's perfect, don't hide your imperfections, you are enough! A really cool concept!

This game is so cool! I like on how your actions in the game are judged and how it can be analyzed at the end. I read on your presentation and documents on how the game was going to be and even though you couldn’t implement it, I still say it was good idea on judging by the person’s actions instead of their words. Like they always say, actions speak louder than word. 30 / 10. 

Pretty much a perfect game. 

I have recorded my own walktrough of it.

I find it bonechilling.

Ahhhhh... my body is moist!!!

Had a great time playing this game! Very surprised at the quality and over all complexity of the mechanics in this game, i love the ending and how your previous actions contribute to it. Extremely fun game to play, some great spooks and portrays a great message!

That was really interesting idea and pretty good realization! So atmospheric and creepy...

This game was amazing!! I really like the conept of things reacting to you just looking through a door. Great game I hope to see more like this in the future.

This was a great game! I really enjoyed it, no matter how creepy, haha. Looking back I should have explored more but I was really invested. I made a let's play if anyone is interested! 

How perfect are you?

Check out more gameplay like this here!

Hi! looks like a very cool project! Do you need stuff like music or sound effects? I'd love to contribute to it :)

That was great, thanks!


This was such a fun and creepy game! Loved the story and the vibe! 

SO, Just stumbled across this game and was excited about it!!! Here is my go... thanks for confirming I'm not perfect </3

This sounds really awesome but I get an error every time at the "perfection in progress" screen. windows 7 64 bit.

So this was a fun wee game :) I'm curious to see what the other paths lead to



It is so laggy for me. It is running with like 2 fps. Can you help me please.

i cant load the game?? like, the title screen is perfect and smooth, and when the title video plays its extremely choppy and i only get to hear one or two words from it and a couple images. then the game freezes on the "perfection in progress" screen while coffee house music (im guessing?) plays in the background. is there a fix to this, or is it just me?

I had not slept all night when I played this game and playing it made me more insecure so I couldn't sleep for three more.

Don't watch this, It's imperfect!!

by the way i loved playing this! it was great!!!

Good gravy that was fun!  Keep up the great work, looking forward to playing more in the future :)

Game was pretty interesting, made me think a lot, but I do think that everyone is perfect in their own way! 

Channel Name: BearManCam

Stating before I say anything else about this game....I legit lost my voice when I played this one. Definitely didn't yell like 5 million times in this one. Although I did enjoy this title! And the voice actor actually sounded like the who does the voices from We Happy Few! Definitely a game to play!

This was a really cool game.  I don't know if I did what I was supposed to do, but somehow I ended up outside of the building and had to rely on the Gremlin guy to help me out.  Great game, and an amazing intro to the game.
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