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The you that we help shine through!

A first-person psychological horror game that taps into mankind's insecurities that we all share as human beings. This game will be personalised to each player by using back end data to keep a log of the players information as well as how they interact with the game world around them. This information will then change certain aspects of the game, making the experience more personalised and hopefully helping each person to realise aspects about their own personality. Data will be shown as a personality log at the end of the game for each person to see how the game judged them.

This is the result of a third year Computer Game Arts game, showcasing a bigger idea of using games and back-end data, including social media, to create an immersive and thrilling game. This game was made by Yasmin Curren: Game Designer and Developer, Tiffany Derbyshire: Environment Artist, Tabitha Beresford-Owen: Character Artist, @MerrellFacets: Character Artist and Jaime Aldous at HoriZen Productions: Music Producer.

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Listen to the Soundtrack:
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0IK2GW6szuBbmfMKQSV0ig
iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/perfection-original-soundtrack-ep/1439924084?a...
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Yagmanx_Perfection_Original_Soundtrack...

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OneSheet_Perfection.docx 102 kB
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hey, it freezes right on the "perfection in progress screen" then crashes. is this an intended feature? i have my graphics on norma

Deleted post

Did me a video on your game.

I enjoyed it, thought it was pretty good!

Didn't really find any issues in it, though I weren't looking for them either.


this was so neat to play omg. 

Deleted post

for this being a short horror it was pretty creepy and my results where pretty close to describing me lol keep up the good work

real fun game!

Pretty interesting game.


played game, found out im perfect

how do i get rid of the message "PerfectionSetupx86.exe isn't commonly downloaded. Make sure you trust PerfectionSetupx86.exe before you open it"?

i've already reported the file as safe but it still doesn't want to load. is there any way I can fix this?


sorry for caps 

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it keeps crashing on my mac at the part when i leave the room after i put the headphones on help


Fantastic game! Slight issue: I'm already perfect.

Umm... everything was consumed in darkness from start to finish... 馃槥

Its still a cool game tho.

Good idea and creepy, exactly what I was looking for. Please keep making stuff


Was a good game with some good mensage!


Hello. Do you have plans for translations? I mean, I have no problem with english, but I'd like to show this game to my friends. I don't know. I can help with spanish.

I loved the game.


(3 edits) (+2)

Helpful tip: if you don't feel like sharing your real name. Try typing in "Testificate" or "Peter Perfect" and choose the gender "Other"

Also, here is what the 3 images mean:

Image 1: A broken mirror (Related Imperfection: You do everything to look beautiful and get stressed if you can't be as beautiful as you want to be)(Consequence: Pictures turn ugly once the horror starts)

Image 2: An eye held open by a finger (Related Imperfection: Fear of judgement)(Consequence: Pictures depict closed eyes. Once the second half of the horror starts the eyes open)

Image 3: A person sitting in a corner (Related imperfection: Fear of loneliness)(Consequence: Pictures go blank once the horror starts)

(6 edits)

Heplful Horrible (see 3rd update) tip: Once the horror starts, keep looking down until you make it out of the corridor so that you never look at the paintings that turn creepy once the horror starts. 

Update: This tip is unneccesary if you chose the third image at the registry

Update: With repeated exposure to the paintings (and the "do not disturb" door if you choose the second image) during the second part of the horror you may get used to it and no longer need this tip.

Update: I read the description and it seems that this game is personnalized (and that we can blame the registry for). And now that I think about it this game (with enough exposure) might be the perfect tool to get past your worst insecurities. (But you can only use it to get past a small amount of insecurities)

Update: Even if you already get past your insecurities, you can still play this game as many times as you want.

Update: Once you finally get past your insecurities, The game's effect may start to look cheesy to you.

I'm probably too late on the train for the game BUT this game was honestly and genuinely really interesting and fun. It captures and talks about the parts that people don't talk about a lot and isn't put into games a lot. Which is really cool and made it really interesting and enthralling to play. 

It was a great experience and the little details that were put around were great and really fun to find throughout the map. The paintings which moved were a nice touch and even the monster that was also a metaphor for the player's imperfection, fears and darkness was great. The whole idea of having a clinic where it makes people 'perfect; is an interesting take on the concept and thought of being perfect and was honestly really fun to go through and made me think and reflect on perfection and my views on it. It was honestly really great to play.  Also loved how the game knows that you either explored/ didn't listen to the signs/ went to the objective to give a detailed description of the player towards the end; was ominous and breaks the fourth wall really subtly and REALLY well.

And it was a small thing that people could miss easily, but I found your mini voice recording in the radio towards the end and listened to your take on the concept of perfection and I have to say, you have a really good and interesting take on it. Even though this is just a test for a larger game, you've shown what you wanted to about your thoughts and feelings about the concept really well through multiple layers in the game, which makes it double great as not many games have things on that depth and also the develop integrated into the game itself.

All in all, it was an amazing game to experience. Can't wait for future projects, and good luck on them! And hope you're doing good as well! (And to anyone reading this, if they do.)

It was a... perfect game.

The second segment in the first video for my B&W horror anthology series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xL1gsdXvJ8o


I enjoyed It 


(4 edits) (+2)


Nevermind, it just took awfully long to load for some reason after clicking start ;) So all good so far.

Review (kind of):

So, I finished the game now (well, 2 playthroughs - one as a girl with the 3rd picture and one as a boy with the first.) I probably missed 1-2 jumpscares according to what you said on the radio and I really like that easter egg where you talk about the project on it <3

Good experimental game, but sad it's so short (I know it was or rather became a small project since not much clould be included in the end) and I still enjoyed it. Definitely going to recommend it to my brother, too, and it wasn't too scary for me either. But that's a hit or miss anyway. I either get scared easily or not at all, so :)

Following you on here and maybe on Youtube (nice you played the RE3 Remake, too :D) and hope to maybe see more experimental stuff, but no pressure.

Thanks for the experience/game and stay safe :)


Unique and experimental horror experience worth multiple playthroughs due to changing elements in the game depending on what one did or chose at the start of the game.

Scary, but still recommended even for some of the faint of heart (only contains around 5 jumpscares and if one takes a break after one, the game is really manageable to finish :D)

4 stars only, though, due to it being so short. Best if everyone checks out the bonus material that's available for download, too, since it was supposed to include more. And make sure to keep an eye out for a secret message by the dev (clue: radio.)

I like the message behind this game! I also love the elevator-esque music that plays in the background.

This game managed to be scary in just the right ways! Thanks for the experience!

I heard it's very creepy!


Very laggy, so it was hard to play, however this was a really good game nonetheless and I really liked it! Keep up the good work, Dev! :)

This was a very interesting experience. Keep up the great work.

Well-paced game with an obvious Bioshock influence (the radio even said as much), but being transformative and remaining independent. Worth a play through, for sure. 

A very cool concept ! I loved the game keep up the good work!



Extremely laggy and unplayable no matter what I do. Such a shame, the concept is really cool. I hope you are able to do an update that fixes these issues...looks like I'm not the only one having them. I think even John Wolfe the horror game YouTuber (who probably has the best gaming PC ever) had fps problems.


Hey, thanks for the comment and apologies! I developed this before I understood the concept of coding efficiently for performance. This is merely a concept for a larger game that will be in production soon, I've learnt a lot through this process and will take all I've learnt into account for the next game.
Small updates will be made to this one so hopefully it'll become playable at least! Thank you for your patience :)

I hope it comes out soon!

Nice and promising concept and design. Has nice potential and  really nice moments. Thanks for making it ^-^
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I think I'd love this game if I could play it! No matter what screen resolution and graphics quality I pick on startup, this game runs at about 4fps for me. Is there any way you could release a build with less lag? Because I'd really love to get past the waiting room.

Hi, yes, I'm still working to optimise this a little in my free time (I'm a lone dev now) But ultimately this is a demo to show the potential for the next game ;)

Thanks for the reply! I'm excited to hear about any updates for this, and good luck on your next game!

I'm pretty sure I wasn't supposed to:

A. Get pushed through the wall into the courtyard when I opened a door

B. Go all the way to the edge of the map to see the picture in the background.  Is that Muir Woods?

C. Fall of the edge of the map and get stuck in a lovely panoramic view of Muir Woods for all eternity.

There are worse fates.

You did a great job with this and we had fun :D

Thanks so much.

it won't let me play. it crashes right after the video.

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a scaredy cat plays perfection
interesting game! skip to like 3 minutes in for it to start lol

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