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The you that we help shine through!

A first-person psychological horror game that taps into mankind's insecurities that we all share as human beings. This game will be personalised to each player by using back end data to keep a log of the players information as well as how they interact with the game world around them. This information will then change certain aspects of the game, making the experience more personalised and hopefully helping each person to realise aspects about their own personality. Data will be shown as a personality log at the end of the game for each person to see how the game judged them.

This is the result of a third year Computer Game Arts game, showcasing a bigger idea of using games and back-end data, including social media, to create an immersive and thrilling game. This game was made by Yasmin Curren: Game Designer and Developer, Tiffany Derbyshire: Environment Artist, Tabitha Beresford-Owen: Character Artist, @MerrellFacets: Character Artist and Jaime Aldous at HoriZen Productions: Music Producer.

Game Dev Insight:

Game Dev Vlog:

Install instructions

Download the zip file 'PerfectionGame_V4' and make sure that this includes the Perfection_Data and UnityPlayer.dll in the same folder to open up the Perfection.exe game file. This game only runs on Windows.

The top download is the game.

All other downlaodable files are documentation about the game dev process, including an art bible, presentation, game design document and reflective journal.

The fbx version of 'Terror' the monster within this game can also be downloaded. I created this using maya and ZBrush.


Perfection Presentation.pdf 5 MB
TerrorPosed.fbx 1 MB
Art Bible.pptx.pdf 6 MB
Game Design Document - Perfection.docx 22 kB
OneSheet_Perfection.docx 102 kB
Yasmin Curren - Perfection Reflective Journal.docx 5 MB
PerfectionGame_V4.zip 497 MB

Development log


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That was really interesting idea and pretty good realization! So atmospheric and creepy...

This game was amazing!! I really like the conept of things reacting to you just looking through a door. Great game I hope to see more like this in the future.

This was a great game! I really enjoyed it, no matter how creepy, haha. Looking back I should have explored more but I was really invested. I made a let's play if anyone is interested! 

How perfect are you?

Check out more gameplay like this here!

Hi! looks like a very cool project! Do you need stuff like music or sound effects? I'd love to contribute to it :)

That was great, thanks!


This was such a fun and creepy game! Loved the story and the vibe! 

SO, Just stumbled across this game and was excited about it!!! Here is my go... thanks for confirming I'm not perfect </3

This sounds really awesome but I get an error every time at the "perfection in progress" screen. windows 7 64 bit.

So this was a fun wee game :) I'm curious to see what the other paths lead to


It is so laggy for me. It is running with like 2 fps. Can you help me please.

i cant load the game?? like, the title screen is perfect and smooth, and when the title video plays its extremely choppy and i only get to hear one or two words from it and a couple images. then the game freezes on the "perfection in progress" screen while coffee house music (im guessing?) plays in the background. is there a fix to this, or is it just me?

I had not slept all night when I played this game and playing it made me more insecure so I couldn't sleep for three more.

Don't watch this, It's imperfect!!

by the way i loved playing this! it was great!!!

Good gravy that was fun!  Keep up the great work, looking forward to playing more in the future :)

Game was pretty interesting, made me think a lot, but I do think that everyone is perfect in their own way! 

Channel Name: BearManCam

Stating before I say anything else about this game....I legit lost my voice when I played this one. Definitely didn't yell like 5 million times in this one. Although I did enjoy this title! And the voice actor actually sounded like the who does the voices from We Happy Few! Definitely a game to play!

This was a really cool game.  I don't know if I did what I was supposed to do, but somehow I ended up outside of the building and had to rely on the Gremlin guy to help me out.  Great game, and an amazing intro to the game.

this game is amazing, but the real tea, as an indie dev, if you get a markiplier vid, you bout to get a LOT of downloads lmao

My hat. In the ring. Because I needed Perfection.

Really cool game and makes you think about how we view personal perfection versus the world view of it. Thank you for the interesting game and I look forward to what else you release.


What are the requirements for this game? I couldn't play it.

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little gameplay



added new 60 girls (yes 60 !!!) in FREAK 2 mode - copy packchunk20, in game just use helmet girl and click F (bots - B, M)




added map creator template for UE 4.20 



This was awesome. I didn't understand how to change my ending result, but loved it nonetheless . 

This game was so cool, and gave me We Happy Few vibes. The peeping guy got me at the door. Really looking forward to see what you do more with this game 


I have quite an expectation to enjoy this game as I read its review. The developer doesn't seem to give sufficient information in the description above about the system requirement besides "this game runs only runs on Windows". I have, of course, made sure that Perfection_Data and UnityPlayer.dll are located in the same folder as Perfection.exe as it is already the case in downloaded archive. Unfortunately, upon trying to run the .exe on my Windows 7 SP1 32 bit,  I stumbled on "This version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you are running ...." As the rest of the message indicated, I guess this is due to the discrepancy between x86 and x64 system. If this issue is indeed unresolvable on my system, I will be missing my 514 MB data plan so much. Please advise.

This is a pretty great horror game.


Interesting game about mankind's insecurities with a interesting twist.
Loved also 'Terror'...

In the end, aren't we all perfect?


This was great! Some good and creative jumpscares (I think the peephole one got me the most!), interesting mechanics, and some great music to boot! If anything, I just wish it was longer.

I also appreciated all the developer's insight, including the fun easter egg! 

Awesome job finding the Easter egg! So glad you like the peephole jump scare too. That was my first scare mechanic, based on Alone in the Dark: A New Nightmare. A golden oldie in horror games!

My.. My... My glutes are on fire after this one. Try to scare my pants off eh.. well you succeeded. Those jumpscares made me make some noises that I can't explain XD Great short horror game. Beautiful Music. 

Haha glad to hear you got some good scares from it! Thanks for playing :)


This game is bloody brilliant! I signed up just to write this!

This makes me happy, thank you so much!


game very laggy, controls are terrible. hope things improve as the game develops

Noted, I'm still looking into optimising it in my spare time so hopefully should get better, thanks for the feedback!


This game....what can i say except absolute perfection :).

But seriously though.... I'm going to need more of this.

Need?! Oh man i best keep developing then!

haha please do.


The whole concept of the game was pretty cool. I tried 2 different playthroughs in this video and each attempt the game was different.  I would love to see more added to the game to go in more in depth of the psychological aspects 

i couldnt get the game to work.

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I really enjoyed this little game! 

Link to my channel in a seperate tab!


Hey guys I made a game! By going through stress. Just type "Slime Attack!" in the search bar you'll get it. It's a little bad but it's made an 11 year old. Which is Michael. Which is also me.



I loved the concept behind Perfection! It was a great experience and I had a blast playing it on my channel! When the game judged me, it was pretty spot on, so needless to say it creeped me out a ton! Check out my video, tell me what you think! :)

So glad to hear you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for playing and sharing it to your channel :)

Very clever and spooky horror game! :D

Have you ever needed to be absolutely perfect? In Perfection, now you have a chance to!

This was really interesting! I cant wait to see more :) Btw i did glitch out of the office at one point lol the outside looks amazing

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