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This was great! Some good and creative jumpscares (I think the peephole one got me the most!), interesting mechanics, and some great music to boot! If anything, I just wish it was longer.

I also appreciated all the developer's insight, including the fun easter egg! 

Awesome job finding the Easter egg! So glad you like the peephole jump scare too. That was my first scare mechanic, based on Alone in the Dark: A New Nightmare. A golden oldie in horror games!

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Haha glad to hear you got some good scares from it! Thanks for playing :)


This game is bloody brilliant! I signed up just to write this!

This makes me happy, thank you so much!


game very laggy, controls are terrible. hope things improve as the game develops

Noted, I'm still looking into optimising it in my spare time so hopefully should get better, thanks for the feedback!


This game....what can i say except absolute perfection :).

But seriously though.... I'm going to need more of this.

Need?! Oh man i best keep developing then!

haha please do.


The whole concept of the game was pretty cool. I tried 2 different playthroughs in this video and each attempt the game was different.  I would love to see more added to the game to go in more in depth of the psychological aspects 

i couldnt get the game to work.

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I really enjoyed this little game! 

Link to my channel in a seperate tab!


Hey guys I made a game! By going through stress. Just type "Slime Attack!" in the search bar you'll get it. It's a little bad but it's made an 11 year old. Which is Michael. Which is also me.



I loved the concept behind Perfection! It was a great experience and I had a blast playing it on my channel! When the game judged me, it was pretty spot on, so needless to say it creeped me out a ton! Check out my video, tell me what you think! :)

So glad to hear you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for playing and sharing it to your channel :)

Very clever and spooky horror game! :D

Have you ever needed to be absolutely perfect? In Perfection, now you have a chance to!

This was really interesting! I cant wait to see more :) Btw i did glitch out of the office at one point lol the outside looks amazing

This game is dope. I'm super amped to see the outcomes of the other walkthroughs! Maybe eventually see a part 2?

This game said I'm not perfect. I think I can live with that...

The game was great. It had very interesting elements and, kept the suspense going all the way thru. I was shocked about how accurate the data log was at the end based on my actions!  Hope you develop more games like this in the future!

Hey everyone Check this weird stuff out! 


Hi, just wanted to leave my thoughts about the game, from the things i liked and things l didn’t or glitches i found (apologize in advance,English is my secondary language).To start off, the introduction  “information commercial” was funny, cute, and set up the intro nicely. Secondly, i liked that as we enter the game were introduced with 3 different cards. which i assume will then provide 3 different experiences. Based  on the card the player chooses at the start of the game has an impact on the environment later, thus giving it replay value. i always appreciate a Dev that pays attention to detail, from little knick knacks on the table to the decoration around the room they set up, i feel it shows they took time and effort on the project. The quality of the game looks decent, didn’t experience any hiccups, it ran smoothly on my crappy PC hah. The topic of the game was interesting, “perfection” i don’t have much on the topic, other than that word is scary to me now, yo. i did  experience a glitch in my first run on the game, when i left the room where i picked up the “perfection helmet” the head gear thing, right after i left that room my character got kicked out outta the building and started walking outside the building, lol. maybe it just me but i felt the game lacked (correct me if i'm using the word wrong lol) i felt like it could use like a more dark ominous sound in the background to create a dark "ambiance"  like the audio speed slowing down, i feel if there was more stuff like that it be more spoopy. i didn’t really experience much problems apart from the outta map glitch. i had fun playing the game. good job on the project, keep up the good work!. i did a play-through for the game, adios! 

Thank you so much for this detailed feedback, I really appreciate it and will be looking into that bug, sounds quite funny! I'm so glad to hear that you appreciated the effort we put into making the environment 'lived in' as well with all of the small knick knacks :) Thanks playing and the let's play also!

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I hurt myself while playing this

EDIT: Oops double post, fixed now :)

It was fun, short but fun, I would like to see more hashed out from it if possible and see what you come up with.

I love the idea and I would love to see more personalized horror games!

This game is a mind bender for sure! Mix in some creepy horror vibes and this is one heck of a ride! Check it out! Worth your time for sure! 

J'ai adoré ce voyage et la morale est juste (parfaite)! Merci pour ce jeu je conseille à tous!!!!!!

I realize I'm only the billionth person to do so, but I played through this on my channel and had a pretty good time. :P 

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Really interesting game concept! Really cool to see the information at the end and being able to make choices for myself. Also a really creepy monster.. 

I was so interested in this game when I first found it but it was only for mac. Now I finally get to play and it was awesome! I might go again just to achieve perfection 


Have you ever wanted to be absolutely perfect? In Perfection, now you have a chance to! 

check out my gameplay if you would like? :D

I played really fun. 재밌었어요:)

Just wanted to say thank you for this experience, it's nice to see horror that falls more on psychological and unique experience. Very impressed.

Cool game I gave it a try and don't mind the thumbnail just having fun with it lol.

It's an interesting idea, having the game attempt to adapt to your choices. I wish there was a bit more choices at the beginning and more things to interact with.

Really neat game. It's pretty cool that the game tries to adapt from your choices.


A nice short horror experience realy well done great atmosphere made and just doing a test whilst playing a game was great also the music choice on the radio was a real nice touch

I give my psychological-thoughts while LP'ing, analyzing everything as I go along :P

HOW FAR WOULD YOU GO TO BE PERFECT? | Perfection Full Gameplay Walkthrough


Hi there, I just played through the game and wanted to share some of my thoughts on it here. I'll just be quickly going through some of the things I liked, maybe a few things I didn't like and any bugs I might have stumbled across.

I'll start with the things I liked or enjoyed about the game. I liked the 'infomercial' video in the beginning, it sets the game up nicely and adds a bit of humour to the game early on. I liked that the image the player chooses at the start of the game has an impact on the environment later on, like if they choose the eye-ball picture then the paintings/pictures later on are of eye-balls, this also adds to how the game tries to adapt to the players actions, depending on what the player interacts with or doesn't, affects the 'psychiatric report' at the end, it's a very nice touch overall. The game definitely gets points for having a weird and unnerving atmosphere. I also liked how the game tackles a very important subject in modern society, the pursuit of perfection, and how people tend to over analyze themselves to the point where every little imperfection eats away at them to the point where they despise themselves. 

Now I'll just go over some of the things I didn't quite like about the game. First off, the performance isn't quite up to snuff, I could feel my mouse movements becoming sluggish at times, which is usually a sign of a low frame rate or poor frame times, and given that the game isn't graphically impressive this shouldn't have been an issue. For added information I was playing at 2560x1440 with a GTX 1080. As mentioned, I didn't find the game graphically impressive in the slightest, that obviously doesn't make it a bad game, but it doesn't help. 

I'm happy to say that I didn't encounter any game breaking bugs throughout my playthrough.

Overall the game is quite interesting, it's incredibly weird but that's part of its charm. I really enjoyed how the game tried to adapt to my choices and how I interacted with the environment. It has some decent scares to it, and a pretty unnerving atmosphere. I believe that it sums up a persons struggle with the pursuit of perfection perfectly. I would consider the performance issues I faced to be a very minor issue, but it did hinder my experience a smidge. Overall an enjoyable, albeit weird, experience.  

I hope you don't mind but I made a let's play of my time with the game over on my channel.

Cheers and best wishes to you,


very nice idea, had fun trying to become perfect

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